• HGH Factor

    Nowadays you can see a great number of Hgh supplements offered on the market. All of them claim both to help enhancing lean muscle and helping you to lose weight.

    Hgh Factor is also a product from this category of supplements. That is why we decided to provide you with the results of our research which aim was to check whether it really works as it claims or it is just one more fake.

    The "New England Journal of Medicine" has published the study which revealed the effects of HGH on the nervous system. Human Growth Hormone has been studied for the past few years as a way to treat children with growth dysfunctions. It is usually taken in inject form. True GH should be applied under the skin, and it is going to work only in one year time. You can take it only after your doctor prescribed it and it is very expensive as its cost is about $15,000 for years of therapy.

    Does It Have Any Side Effects

    As you could notice there are no very serious and dangerous side effects. But the situation is not good because there wasn't enough research on human beings. And the possible side effects seem to be very unpleasant. Who would pay money for product which causes nausea, headache and stomach problems?

    "I have bought HgH factor in a hope that it is effective and knows how to help me but I felt no difference after several weeks of taking it. That is not strange for me because the ingredients are not effective at all!"
    "I can't recommend you to buy HGH Factor product because I am still tired and can't feel any energy flow or decrease of my mass"
    "It is rather expensive to pay for the bottle with amino acids which cause unpleasant side effects. I have taken Hgh Factor for 3 weeks and felt a strong headache. I'm not claiming that it doesn't work, because it might work for somebody else, unfortunately, it definitely hadn't influence me"


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