Boys Names Meanings
Daanish Wisdom, Learning, Science.
Dabir Root, origin, ultimate, bygo…
Daboor Morning breeze.
Dafiq Jubilant, buoyant, active.
Dagar Open Space / Battle Field.
Daghfal Ibn-Hanzalah had this name a…
Dahbal This ws the name of Wahb Ibn…
Dahhak One who laughs much.
Dahi Lion, rapid.
Daib Happy fellow.
Daiyan A mighty ruler, judge, guard…
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger.
Dalaj A mufti of Baghdad, Ibn Ahma…
Daler Brave, valiant.
Dalil Guide, model, leader, example.
Dana Wise, learned.
Dani Near,close.
Danish Wisdom, Learning, Science.
Daniyal A Prophet of Allah.
Dara Possessor, sovereign.
Darab Big gate, a name: Justice Da…
Darab Admiral.
Darakhshan Bright, shining, pearl-like.
Darim This was the name of a narra…
Darmal Medicine
Darman Cure, treatment.
Darrak Prudent, wise.
Darvesh Holy man.
Darwesh Mystic.
Daryab River.
Dastgir Protector, saint.
Daudi A flower.
Daulat Wealth.
Dawar Ruler, judge.
Dawlah Riches, happiness
Dawood A Prophet and father of Prop…
Dayim Everlasting, perpetual, for …
Daylam Name of a companion of the P…
Dayyan A mighty Ruler.
Dhakir One who remembers God freque…
Dhakiy Intelligent, bright.
Diar An expensive wood.
Didar Vision, sight.
Dihyah Commander of troops.
Dil Heart, mind.
Dil Nawaz Soothing heart, mind.
Dilafroz Captivating, attractive.
Dilawar Bold, brave.
Dilawar Bold.
Dildar Charming, beloved.
Din Religion, faith, belief.
Dina It was the name of the grand…
Dirar Old Arabic name.
Diwan Royal court, tribunal of jus…
Diwan Muhammad Court of the Prophet Muhammad.
Diya Brightness, light.
Diyan Judge, leader, captain.
Dost Friend.
Dost Muhammad Friend of the Prophet Muhamm…
Droon Respectable.
Duha Forenoon, (This name is gene…
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