Boys Names Meanings
Gahez Morning.
Gamal Camel.
Gauhar Gem, jewel, noble.
Ghadef One who drives a boat
Ghaffar Most forgiving, one of the n…
Ghafur Most forgiving.
Ghais Rain
Ghaith Rain
Ghaiyyas Helper, reliever, winner.
Ghakhtalay Strong
Ghalib Conqueror
Ghallab Ever victorious, triumphant.
Ghamay Precious Stone.
Ghani Rich, wealthy, prosperous, a…
Ghanim Successful
Ghanim Successful.
Ghannam Shepherd; Name of a companio…
Gharib Poor, need, humble; stranger.
Ghassan Prime, vigor (of youth).
Ghatool Tulip
Ghatrif Leader, brave, noble.
Ghaus Help, aid, rescue, succor.
Ghayab Disappear
Ghaylan Great, Fat; One of the compa…
Ghayoor Self-respecting.
Ghazalan Spinner
Ghazan Holy War Fighter.
Ghazanfar Lion, title of Caliph Ali.
Ghazawan Warrior, a companion of the …
Ghazi Conqueror, hero, gallant sol…
Ghazwan One on expedition, to conquer.
Ghazzal Name of a reciter of Quran, …
Ghiyas Deliverance from hardships, …
Ghiyas-ud-Din Helper of the religion (Isla…
Ghiyath Succorer.
Ghofran Pardon, forgiveness.
Ghorzang Long Strides, Panther Strides.
Ghulam Servant, boy, youth.
Ghunaim A person who takes booty. Na…
Ghunayn ne who collects booty.
Ghuncha Gul Bunch of Flowers.
Ghutaif A well of a person; well to …
Gogal Vocal cords.
Gohar Tab Shining like bead or stone.
Gorbat Eagle
Gran Dear / Beloved.
Gul Flower
Gul Baz Playing with Flowers.
Gul Hasham Flower Name
Gul Jan Gul – Flowers, Jan – Life.
Gul Mast Gul – Flowers, Mast – Excite…
Gul Rang Colour of Flowers.
Gul Yar Loving Flowers.
Gul Zaman Zaman – Times.
Gul Zar Flower Garden.
Gul-e-Rana A beautiful flower.
Gulab Rose
Gulbar Shedder of flowers, generous.
Gulfam Rose faced.
Gulshan A flower Garden.
Gulzar Flower-garden
Gutaif A well of a person, well to do
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