Boys Names Meanings
Jaah Respect
Jaan Soul, Life
Jabal Mountain; ibn Yazid, who liv…
Jabalah Name of Ibn Harisah a compan…
Jaban Soft hearted, tenderness of …
Jabbar Powerful, mighty.
Jabir Consoler, restorer, comforter.
Jabr Compulsion name of a compani…
Jad Curly, Frizzled; ibn Dirhim …
Jadwal Brook, rivulet.
Jafar Spring, rivulet.
Jafri Yellow Flower.
Jah Rank
Jahan World
Jahangir World conqueror, global, king.
Jahanzeb Beautiful, Charming
Jahdami Abu Amr Nasr
Jahdari Abu al Mujashshar had this n…
Jaheer Handsome man, high sound.
Jahid Diligent, hardworking
Jahm Sullen
Jaish Excellent
Jal Resolution, firm will.
Jalal Majesty, grandeur, glory.
Jalal-ud-Din The majesty of religion (Isl…
Jaleb Attainer
Jaleed Powerful, Patient.
Jalees A companion, chum, a fast fr…
Jalil Great, exalted, magnificent.
Jalinoos Intelligent
Jalis Companion
Jamal Beauty, grace.
Jamal-ud-Din Beauty of the religion (Islam).
Jami Gatherer, collector, author,…
Jamil Handsome, attractive
Jammaz Name of Muhammad Ibn Amr who…
Jamshed The sun in Pisces.
Jamuh Defiant.
Jan Life, sing.
Jan Muhammad Life of Muhammad.
Jan-e-Alam Life of the world.
Janan Heart, paradise, heaven.
Janan Beloved
Janasheen Successor, vicegerent.
Janat Gul Paradise Flower.
Jandarah Name of a Sahabi RA.
Jaraah Surgeon; name of a tabaree.
Jareed Hawk, messenger, herald.
Jareem Praising.
Jareer Corpulent
Jari Bold, courageous, brave.
Jariya This was the name of Ibn Jam…
Jarood Name of a companion of the P…
Jarrar Very Brave
Jarullah Neighbour of Allah.
Jasim Great and famous.
Jasim Healthy
Jasim-ud-Din Great (man) of the religion …
Jasir Brave, bold
Jasur Brave, bold, courageous
Jaul Choice
Javed Eternal, perpetual.
Jawad Generous, liberal
Jawahir Jewels; pl. of jawhar, jewel.
Jawan A young man.
Jawdan Goodness
Jawhar Jewel, gem, essence.
Jaza Reward
Jazam Encourager, instigator.
Jazel Good Attitude, Good Manners.
Jazey Impatient
Jazi To take revenge.
Jazib Absorber, attractive.
Jazool Happy
Jehandar Worldly.
Jehfil Strong.
Jergees Brave
Jerwan Used to.
Jibrail Arch Angel
Jibran Result, value, ransom
Jihad Strive, holy war.
Jiyad Very good
Jnab An honorific title
Joinda Searcher
Josha Satisfied.
Juail One black and ill-shaped
Jubair Name of a Sahabi who partici…
Jubayr Compelled
Juday This was the name of a skill…
Juhaym Sullen
Jumah Born on Friday.
Jumanah Pearl; name of a companion.
Jumlish Brave
Jummal A thick rope
Junaid Soldier. Warrior
Jundub Grasshopper
Jurayj This was the name of a teach…
Jurhad He was ibn Khuwaylid Al-Asla…
Jusamah Nightmare
Juyal Quarrdsome
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