Boys Names Meanings
Naabih Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant.
Naadhir Fresh.
Naaqid A critic, a reviewer, a fault founder.
Naase Clear, pure, white.
Nabeel Handsome, intelligint, dexterous, one who isskilled in archery.
Nabi Prophet sent by Allah for the guidance of mankind.
Nabi Bakhsh Gift of the Prophet.
Nabigh Distinguished; talented; man of genius, brilliant person.
Nabih Famous, noble, outstanding, eminent, distinguished, brilliant.
Nabil Noble, high born, honourable, intelligent, dexterous, one skilled in archery.
Nabil Archer, Bowman.
Nabiullah An epithet of the Prophet Nuh.
Nadeem Intimate friend, boon companion, courtier.
Nadir Extraordinary, rare, dear, exceptional.
Naeem Happiness, comfort, ease, tranquil, felicity, peaceful, bliss, pleasure, bounty, anything given as gift.
Naeem Diminutive of Naaim, gentle, delicate.
Naeemullah Grace of Allah, bliss of Allah.
Naef Excess, surplus.
Nafasat Refinement.
Nafees Refined, pure, choice, exquisite, precious, invaluable, costly.
Nafees Refined, pure, choice, exquisite, precious, invaluable, costly.
Nafi Beneficial, advantageous, profitable.
Nahyan Stopper, the one who says to avoid.
Naib Deputy.
Naif Exalted, lofty, eminent, superior.
Nail Winner, gainer.
Naim One who lives a good life, who lives proudly.
Najaat Rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Najah Success.
Najeeb Noble
Najeed Highland.
Najeeh Sound, good (opinion).
Naji Saved, liberated, safe.
Najib Excellent, noble, distinguished, praiseworthy, generous, aristocratic.
Najib-ud-Din Distinguished (person) of religion.
Najibullah Distinguished (servant) of Allah.
Najid One who helps, supports.
Najih Successful, prosperous.
Najillah Saved by Allah. An epithet of Prophet Nuh.
Najiullah Intimate friend of Allah.
Najjar Carpenter.
Najji Intimate friend, bosom friend.
Najm Star, planet.
Najmuddawlah Star of the state.
Najmuddin Star of the religion (Islam).
Namdar Renowed, famous.
Nameer Pure, clear, healthy, good.
Namir Leopard, tiger, panther.
Namood Sample, model, paragon.
Nangial Honorable.
Naqi Pure, clean.
Naqib President, head, chief.
Naqid A critic; a reviewer; a fault-finder.
Naqit Salih bin Aasim had this name.
Naqqash Artist, A famous player of Pakistan: Tahir Naqqash.
Nasar Help, Support
Naseeb Name of Ibn Rabah al-Thaqati a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam.
Naseem Gentle wind, fresh air, fragrant air, zephyr, a cool breeze.
Naseer Helper, protector, patron.
Naseeruddin Defender of the religion (Islam).
Nashat Joy, Cheer.
Nasheet Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
Nashir One who publishes.
Nashit Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
Nashwan Elated, exalted, exuberant.
Nasib Noble, highborn.
Nasif Just.
Nasih Adviser, counselor.
Nasihuddin Counselor of the religion (Islam).
Nasim Fresh air.
Nasim-ul-Haq Breeze of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Nasimuddin Breeze of the religion (Islam).
Nasir Helper, protector, defender.
Nasiruddin Defender of the faith (Islam).
Nasr Help, aid, support.
Nasri Winner of victory after victory.
Nasruddin Victory of the religion (Islam).
Nasrullah Help of Allah.
Natiq Endowed with speech, eloquent, rational (being), spokesperson.
Nauman Flower Beds, Blood; name of the kind of Hirah in Arabia, especially of the last, Numan bin Munzir, also name of a Sahabi (AS).
Naushad Happy.
Naveed Happy tidings, good news.
Nawab Barron, ruler.
Nawaf High, lofty.
Nawaz One who caresses, soothes.
Nawfal Generous, old Arabic name for the sea.
Nayab Rare, Precious.
Nayyar Bright Star
Nazakat Delicacy.
Nazar A vow, promise made to God; a gift, charity, votive offering.
Nazeef Pure, clean, innocent, neat and clean, chaste.
Nazeer Warner, Prophet sent by Allah to warn mankind, a courtier.
Nazeer Precedent, alike, equal to.
Nazer Bright, radiant, blooming.
Nazih Pure, virtuous, just, honest.
Nazim Organizer, governor, arranger, adjuster, administrator, director, a composer of verses.
Nazimuddin Organizer of the religion (Islam).
Nazmi Arranger, organizer.
Nemat Blessing, boon, favour, grace, bounty, comforts of life.
Niaz Dependence
Niazi Petitioner, an afghan tribe.
Nibras Lamp, light.
Nihal Prosperous
Nihar Dawn, morning, early day.
Nimatullah Blessing of Allah.
Nimr Tiger.
Nisar To strew, to sacrifice.
Nishat Mirth, ecstacy.
Nizal Striving, contest, competition, battle.
Nizam Order, arrangement, discipline, ruler, system.
Nizam-ul-Mulk The organization of the kingdom.
Nizamat Organization, arrangement.
Nizami Of or relating to Nizam.
Nizamuddin Discipline of the religion (Islam).
Nizzar Keen-eyed, Attention to details.
Nokhez Newly bloomed, arising.
Noman Men with all blessings of Allah.
Nooh Noah, name of Prophet of Allah.
Noor Light, illumination. Allah’s epithet.
Noor Muhammad Light of the Prophet Muhammad.
Noori Light, luminous.
Nooruddin Light of the religion (Islam).
Noorul Absar Light of vision.
Noorul Ayn Light of the eye
Noorul Haq Light of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Noorul Huda Light of the right guidance (of Allah).
Noorullah Light of Allah.
Nooruz Zaman Light of the era.
Nufail Gracious.
Nusayr Ibn al-Farj al-Asaliyy a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Nusrat Help, aid, assistance, support.
Nusratuddin Help of the religion (Islam).
Nuzayh Pure, chaste.
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