Boys Names Meanings
Za’ir Visitor, guest.
Zaabit Clever man, one who remembers.
Zaad Victory, success.
Zaahir A blooming flower, a bright and shining colour, lofty.
Zaarib Rememberer of Allah
Zaarib One who beats, stricker.
Zabba Latch, door lock; Name of some people for instance, of ibn-Mihsin, a memeber of the exedition of Abu Musa.
Zabir The person who have Religious Knowledge
Zabrij Beauty, decoration.
Zaeem Guaranter, Rich, healthy, leader, ruler.
Zafar Victory, triumph.
Zafeer Of firm and resolute intention.
Zafir Victorious, winner.
Zafof تیز رفتار
Zafran Derived from Zarparan for gold stigma of flower.
Zaheen Sagacious, intelligent.
Zaheer Blooming, shining, luminous.
Zaheer Helper, supporter, protector, patron.
Zaheeruddawlah Helper of the religion (Islam).
Zaheeruddin Helper of the religion (Islam).
Zahhaak A person who laughs most. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Zahi Beautiful, brilliant, glowing.
Zahid Devout, ascetic. One who renounces the world and is fully devoted to Allah.
Zahil Calm.
Zahir Apparent, evident, one of the attributes of Allah.
Zahir Proud, wealthy.
Zahoor Expression.
Zaid Abundance, increase, increment, superabundance, addition, excess, surplus.
Zaidan Growth, increase, excess.
Zaigham Lion.
Zaim Leader, chief.
Zaimuddin Leader of the religion (Islam).
Zain Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace, ornament, honour.
Zainuddin Grace of the religion (Islam).
Zainul Abidin Ornament of the worshippers (of Allah).
Zair Pilgrim.
Zajil Loud.
Zaka Intelligent
Zakariya Zachariah – A Prophet
Zakawan Abu Salih as Saman az-Ziyat had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Zakawat Sharpness.
Zakhif Proud.
Zaki Pious, clean.
Zakir Remembering. Grateful.
Zakiuddin Pure (person) of the religion (Islam).
Zakoor Narrator, speaker.
Zaland Bright, feminine Zalanda.
Zalmay Young.
Zalool Obedient, submissive.
Zamaam Honour, right, share, place.
Zamaar Bravery, valour.
Zaman Time, age, era.
Zaman Shah King of the sage.
Zameer conscience
Zami Helper, supporter.
Zamil Companion, friend.
Zamin One who stands surety for another one who helps.
Zamir Heart, mind, conscience.
Zamiruddin Heart of the religion (Islam).
Zamurad A green precious stone.
Zamurah Sparkle of light, fire; Name of companion.
Zamzam Abu-Zamzam was the name of Al-Madini, a man of an early Islam, about him amusing enecdotes were told.
Zar Gul Gold Flower.
Zar Wali n/a
Zaraan Flow of river.
Zarak Gold
Zaram One in Thousand.
Zarang Clever.
Zarar Fast.
Zaray Obedient, submissive.
Zarbat Gold Lamp.
Zardab Gold Water.
Zarf Pot, calibre, wisdom, rank.
Zargar Goldsmith.
Zarghun Green.
Zarhawar Brave.
Zarhgay Little Heart.
Zarif Elegant, witty, graceful.
Zarin of Gold, made of.
Zarkanay Gold Stone.
Zarlesh Border made of gold.
Zarmast Zar – Gold, Mast – Excitement
Zarrar Brave, Courageous. A great muslim warrior.
Zaryab Rich, wealthy.
Zaryab Possessor of gold/riches.
Zaviyar Brave
Zawaad Man of self-respect, noble.
Zawar Pilgrim, visitor of a shrine.
Zayaam Honour, right, share, place.
Zayan Beauty, prettiness.
Zaydan Growth and increase.
Zaytoon Olive (Tree/fruit).
Zeb Beauty, decoration, decorum.
Zee Shah Respected
Zeebaq Mercury, silver.
Zeeshan Pompous
Zgard Without Fear.
Zhobin Kind of spear.
Zia Light, glow, illumination, splendour.
Ziar Laborious.
Ziarmal Hardworker.
Ziauddin Light of the religion i.e. Islam.
Ziaul Haq Light of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Ziaur Rahman Light of the most Gracious i.e. Allah.
Zihni Intellectual, cerebral.
Zill Shadow, shade.
Zillullah Shadow of Allah.
Zillur Rahman Shadow of the Merciful i.e. Allah.
Ziyaam Respect, Right
Ziyad Increase, addition, surplus.
Ziyad Super abundance.
Ziyada Increase, addition, surplus, plenty.
Ziyadatullah Surplus bestowed by Allah.
Zmarak Little Lion.
Zmaray Lion.
Zohaib Golden.
Zohoor Appearance, ostentation.
Zohoorul Bari ostentation of the Creator i.e. Allah
Zohran Sun
Zorak n/a
Zorawar Forceful.
Zubaid The diminutive of zubd, meaning cream, butter etc..
Zubair Diminutive of Zubrah, small piece of iron, a brave and wise person.
Zufar Lion, a brave person, an army.
Zufishan Bright.
Zuha Forenoon.
Zuhair Small flower.
Zuhoor Fame, splendour, emergence.
Zuka The sun, dawn, morning.
Zukauddin Sun of the religion (Islam).
Zukaullah Sun of Allah.
Zukaur Rahman Sun of Rahman i.e. Allah.
Zul Kifl A Prophet of Allah.
Zul Qarnayn “Owner of the two horns” i.e. world conqueror, epithet of a just king mentioned in the Quran.
Zulaym Ibn-Hutayt was a narrator of Hadith with this name.
Zulfaqar The cleaver of vertebrae. Name of a sword presented to Ali (R.A.) by Muhammad.
Zulfat Friendship, nearness, status.
Zulfi Handle of a sword.
Zunnoon ‘Lord of the fish’, an epithet of Prophet Yunus i.e. Jonah who was swallowed by a big fish and later rescued by the grace of Allah.
Zushimalain Name of a Sahabi RA.
Zuti Name of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah
Zwandun Life.
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