Girls Names Meanings
Faariha Happy, glad, delighted
Faazila Virtuous, honest
Fadheela Virtuous, outstanding
Fadia Redeemer, ransomer; fem.
Fadwa name derived from self-sacrifice
Faheemah Intelligent
Fahhama Very intelligent, learned
Fahm Intellect, intelligence
Fahm Ara Adorned with intellect
Fahmeedah Intelligent, wise
Fahmida Intelligent and Wise
Faida Benefit, advantage, gain
Faiqa Excellent, outstanding
FAIROOZA A precious gem
Faiza Victorious, triumphant
Fajr Dawn, rise, beginning
Fakeehah Cheerful
Fakhar Honour, pride, glory.
Fakhira Excellent, glorious
Fakhr Glory, pride, honour.
Fakhri Glory.
Fakhriya Proud, honorary, glory
Fakhrun Nisa Glory of the women.
Fakhtah A dove. This was the name of Umm Hani; Alo the name of the mother of Khalid bin Yazeede.
Fakihah Fruit.
Fakira Thinker.
Falahat Welfare, benefit.
Falak Orbit, sky
Faliha Fortunate, lucky
Falisha Happiness.
Fanan Tree branch or twig.
Fania Free.
Fanila Able, worthy.
Faqiha Jurist, expert,
Faqirah This was the name of a beautiful woman, wife of Murrah al-Asadi (AN)
Faraal Name of lion, height.
Farah Joy, happiness, cheerfulness.
Fareefta Devotee, lover.
Fareeha Happy, joyful, cheerful, glad.
Farha Gladness, pleasure
Farhal Happy.
Farhana Glad, joyful, happy
Farhat Cheer, pleasure.
Farheen Happy, glad.
Farhi Glad, happy.
Faria Tall, towering, lofty
Farida Unique, matchless
Fariha Happy, glad, joyful.
Farihah Brisk, Swift.
Farishta Angel
Farizah Arch.
Farkhanda Blessed
Farnaz Splendid coquetry
Farqad Name of a Star.
Farrukh Happy, Fortunate.
Farwa Fur; (daughter of Imam Jafar)
Faryal Name.
Farzana Wise, learned.
Farzeen Learned.
Faseelah Some distance.
Fasiha Eloquent, fluent
Fasiya A gentle woman.
Fateenah Intelligent.
Fathiya One who wins victory after victory; fem. of Fathi.
Fatiha Opening, introduction
Fatima Literally: weaner
Fatin Beautiful, pretty, attractive
Fatinah Charming, fascinating
Fattana Extremely beautiful
Fauqiyah High Grade
Fawha Breath of fragrance.
Fawz Success, Salvation.
Fawza Victory, triumph, success
Fayha Good smell from heaven. Fragrance.
Fayona Beautiful, pretty.
Fayrooz Turquoise.
Fayyaza A lady who confers great favours, most generous and bountiful.
Fayha Good smell from heaven.
Fayona Beautiful, pretty.
Fayrooz Turquoise
Fayyaza A lady who confers great favours, most generous and bountiful.
Fazeela High degree of excellence
Fazeen Increasing.
Fazilatun Nisa Excellence of the women.
Feheema Intelligent, judicious
Fida Sacrifice.
Fidda Silver.
Fikriyah Intellectual.
Filza Rose from heaven
Firdaus Paradise, heaven, garden.
Firdausi Heavenly.
Firoza Turquoise
Fiza Wide, open, open hearted.
Fiza Running water on land.
Fiza Enlarger, improver
Forouzan Shining
Fouzia Victory, Triumphant
Fozia Successful
Fuada Heart; fem. of fuad.
Fudayl Learned, scholar.
Funoon Variety, art.
Furat Sweet water.
Furayah Handsome, Well-built.
Furoozan Luminous, radiant.
Fuseelah Name of a narrator of Hadith who transmitted from her father, Wasilah bin al-Asqa RA who from the Prophet PBUH.
Fuzail A form of Faazil, meaning: An accomplished person; name of a saint known as Fuzail bin Iyaaz.
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