• The Blood Pressure Solution

    The Blood Pressure Solution is a natural method invented by Dr. Marlene Merritt and meant to reduce your blood pressure. The product is said to work without side effects that may be associated with many blood pressure drugs, and without the necessity to refuse from foods you love. The program focuses on 19 major ingredients, such as beetroot juice, olive oil, and traditional Chinese tea. These components are said to supply your body with the necessary nutrients to restore your health. Why is the normal pressure so important for the human health? According to Dr. Merritt, the problem of high blood pressure can be lined to the modern toxic environment we live in. It includes the high-sodium and high-sugar foods, the polluted air, and the chronic stress.

    The 19 foods contained in The Blood Pressure Solution promise to blunt, block, and replace the toxic causers in the modern environment. This leads to the lower blood pressure, according to the inventor of the product. The company claims that it has been used by more than 76,000 individuals to date! The product was brought by Primal Health LP, an affiliate-based company based out of Plano, TX. You have probably got a number of vital questions about the solution. Is it really a good option to decrease blood pressure? If so, which exactly benefits can be realistically expected from the product? Are these benefits worth the money it costs? We will try to uncover some answers. Let's start from the ingredients hidden in this blood pressure program.

    Does It Have Any Side Effects?

    As a matter of fact, the Blood Pressure Solution has a mixed customer feedback. It means that you can find both positive and negative reviews. HighYa has eleven reviews about the product. Five of them give the product one-star rating. People are not pleased with the e-book saying that it is not worth the money it costs. Besides, they claim that eating specific foods cannot cure any incurable. Some customers find the product dangerous saying that a person risks to worsen their condition by following the recommendations provided there. A number of consumers reported experiencing problems with getting a refund. Despite the fact that most customers rated the Blood Pressure Solution very poorly, some individuals confessed that they found the information contained in it rather beneficial for health. But in general, the product didn't live up to the hype in the company's sales videos. In many cases, customers said that they could find similar information elsewhere online for free. A couple of customers never received their order (neither a digital version nor a hard copy). Let's take a look at the experience of actual buyers of the product.

    One man writes in his review that he saw a bait ad for The Blood Pressure Solution while browsing. He clicked it to check whether it was the same as the other approaches available online. He was right. During the video he understood that they wanted to charge a high price for an e-book that could be bought for 10 bucks from some other branded company or even one dollar from a thrift store. The official website doesn't say the price of the product. It is stated only that the shipping is free. The book contains the same information that can be found anywhere else. There are many grammar mistakes in the book, according to the user. They just wrote a list of filler things. Maybe, they think that no one will read it. In fact, it is a 6" x 9" paperback book that costs $47.00 plus $9.99 shipping. Is it worth $56.99? To answer this question, let's take a look at the real customers' reviews found online.

    "The Blood Pressure Solution is a scam. I watched a video about it on their site, and at the end, I decided to complete the order request form. However, after I entered the information about my credit card, my screen disappeared. I call them but they did not even care to listen to my problem. Do not give out your credit card information on this site or you will lose your money. I would not recommend it to anyone."

    "The Blood Pressure Solution is dangerous. I think this book may appeal to people who wish to refuse from medications, but it can be an unsafe practice. The book suggests you to imply the things they offer but following their recommendation may waste your precious time that you could spend on the necessary treatment. This company is not interested in health problems of their customers in reality. Some of their ideas may be very dangerous."

    "The Blood Pressure Solution is not good. I followed their instructions carefully and they gave me heart palpitations. I had to address my cardiologist who told me not to trust books of the kind. He prescribed me some drugs and now I feel much better! When I requested a refund, the company refused. Don't believe its website's claims about a "full refund"! I would never recommend this company!"


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