• Vderma

    VDerma is a synthetic product that meant to improve skin smoothness, enhance its elasticity, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It is available in the form of an anti-aging cream with a number of ingredients. It also promises to remove dark spots from your face without irritation. The main components in this product are snake venom peptide and collagen, a combination that addresses skin aging signs around eyes, according to the manufacturer. VDerma comes in a small 30ml jar that make it easy to take with you wherever you go. so you can carry it wherever you go.

    The manufacturer behind the product is not well-known and isn't reputable. Taking into account available information, there is no justification to trust this company. There is no official website which would offer any information on the ingredients and possible side effects of the product. It is only known that the company offers another product called Dermelite. It is another skin care cream. There is no information available to show whether the company behind these products is legitimate. I tried to make a research of the company but there wasn't enough information. Even the full company name is unknown.

    Does It Have Any Side Effects?

    As it was already mentioned, the product does not have an official website, which makes it almost impossible to learn anything about positive adverse reactions associated with the use of the cream. However, I managed to find a list of precautions which should be taken into account before starting to use Vderma. This product should be avoided by owners of sensitive skin, broken or irritated skin. The serum should not be applied too close to the eyes. It is a wise idea to talk to your healthcare provider before using this cream especially if you are allergic to any of its known components or if you are already using other prescribed topical ointments.

    You are not protected from such side effects as an allergic reaction, skin irritation, skin rashes and itching. It was very difficult to find any reviews from real users I order to check what noticeable effects were experienced by other. Especially when the company behind the product is not legitimate. There are no before and after photos. You can find positive claims about the cream's ability to regenerate skin tissues. Let us have a look at some users' reviews I managed to find on one website.

    "VDerma is a scam. They take your money and charge your credit card each month without even asking you. I was not able to get my money back. I tried to call customer service in Texas and told them my account number. They called me back and informed that my account was canceled and they could not return my money back."

    "I have not yet tried V Derma but I cancelled my order after reading the terms and conditions. I was happy at first but some time later, they called me and told me that I could not cancel my order because it already went through. In this way, I was charged two months before they cancelled my enrollment."

    "I ordered Vderma by mistake online, but immediately cancelled my order. However, several days later, I received the product. They charged $92.99 from my credit card. I called them again to cancel my order. But, instead, they told me that I had 14 days to try the product. On day 15, they offered me 35% refund. SCAM!"


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